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How often do you buy fast food for your kids?

During the summer especially, it is just too hot and bothersome to cook all the time. They're home all day; minimum, 3 meals, per day, per kid. I was wondering, on average, how often do you feed your kids fast food instead of cooking?

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ammimiam ammimiam 8 years 46 weeks
A lot of people HATE McDonalds and Burger King. I dont know why. I LOVE their fries. I would go to McDonalds and/or Burger King like 5 times a month. Not TOO much. ;-)
katiecake katiecake 8 years 46 weeks
Once in a while if we're out and about at lunchtime, We'll have a little Subway kids meal, but my favorite is sharing some Chick-fil-A nuggets and fries. YUM!!!!!
sofi sofi 8 years 46 weeks
Well, we only do fast food (McD or Burger King) once every 2-3 months as a 'treat' when we are out of school. I do order out and eat out about 1-2 times a week from proper sit-down places when I can't/don't want to cook. My husband would kill me if I brought fast food home for dinner.