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How/When should I tell my boyfriend I'm pregnant?

Merry Christmas to me...I just found out I'm pregnant! I was told it would be difficult for me to get pregnant, if ever. boyfriend and I stopped using birth control, not caring, or maybe even hoping we'd prove them wrong and I'd get pregnant. I/we NEVER thought it would happen so fast! The only problem is that I'm in California visiting my family for Christmas and won't be reunited with my bf for another week. I'd really like to wait to tell him in person, show him the tests, etc. Is it okay to wait another five days?

soon2bemommy soon2bemommy 4 years 19 weeks
Congrats & yes wait if you want. As long as you tell him youll be good.
joanna33t joanna33t 4 years 21 weeks
awwww! congrats! yes, wait if you can. the look on his face will be something you'll remember forever. :)