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Chris Long
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Hunky Michael Biserta

Michael Biserta is the reason there will never be another FDNY calendar lol. He posed naked for a video some years back. Now he can't fight fire anymore. If he needs a job he can always come clean my house naked.

Calendar coverCalendar cover

There's NSFW video of him online. :drool: I will reserve comment on it. LOL.

I was trying to post this in my "The men we love group" but couldn't for some reason.

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Beautiful Men.

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miss-britt miss-britt 8 years 35 weeks
lol- he is cute.
lorenashley lorenashley 8 years 35 weeks
:rotfl: it didnt cause a heart attack but i did consider leaving my man to go look for him. LOL. kidding.
miss-britt miss-britt 8 years 35 weeks
dlisted was talking about him. He said if you watch the video it could cause a heartattack or something like that.