Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me?
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I was about 6 months pregnant, 1 morning when I got up out of bed and a river of water began to pour out of me. I immediately starting crying  uncontrollably because I thought oh my goodness, I am peeing on myself. Then I thought okay, this is longest water works ever. So I decided to get on the floor and check it out. Needless to say as I kneeled down  I went face first into the large puddle of water on the hardwood floor and as I was trying to get up my 2 old nephew ran and jumped on my back yelling "go horsey go". My sister whom I was visitng came to my rescue. Oh by the way I gave birth 2 a beautiful 3pound 11 inches, fully develped baby girl. Who was able to go home in only 1 week

Lenay Lenay 5 years 45 weeks
Yeah, I didn't know either. You'd think the obstetrician could have at least given me a heads up for what to expect when labor started. (Particularly since I had made a run to the emergency room just the night before with a false alarm.) But no. I woke up with sotmach cramps and the sensation that I really had to go to the bathroom badly. I just made it to the toilet and pulled down my panties when this slash of water hit the bowl. It totally baffled me. It's a wonder my first kid wasn't born into the toilet! Thanks a lot Doc!