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I Served My Vegetarian Friends a Dish That I Made With Chicken Broth!

The other night I had a cocktail party and I was making a dish that I planned on serving to a bunch of vegetarians and pescaterians. I was in the middle of the recipe when I realized that it called for vegetable broth. Normally I keep my pantry stocked with beef, chicken, and vegetable broth, but when I went to grab the veggie broth all I could find was beef and chicken! Since the recipe called for it at that moment, I did not have time to stop the dish in the middle of cooking, go to the store, and buy vegetable broth. Before I even realized what I was doing I added the chicken broth. Later, at the party, I told everyone it was vegetarian friendly. I feel HORRIBLE about this, but I was in a pinch. Can I be forgiven?

0jello0 0jello0 3 years 24 weeks
Ya. that pretty much seems fine.
tjhairball tjhairball 3 years 26 weeks
What ohhaiamberoo and HeavnsGirl said is quite true. In fact, it's quite possible that some of your friends felt sick afterwards. They may not have told you about it. I've been over to someone's house for dinner as a long-time vegetarian and had them unintentionally slip one over on me. I was throwing up in the toilet about a half hour after I got home. Even if nobody felt sick to their stomach afterwards, you were dishonest and disrespectful to lie to your friends about what you were feeding to them. It's one thing to screw up; it's another entirely to lie to cover up the fact that you screwed up.
SeriouslyThough SeriouslyThough 3 years 28 weeks
Don't tell but try to do better in the future. (:
HeavnsGirl HeavnsGirl 3 years 33 weeks
You should be ashamed of yourself for lying - you could have made someone very sick
HeavnsGirl HeavnsGirl 3 years 33 weeks
You should be ashamed of yourself for lying - you could have made someone very sick.
KayteKat182 KayteKat182 3 years 34 weeks
No one got hurt, it's forgiven and done. One reason I was taught about animals is that they get over populated and die with diseases very quickly. My uncle is a butcher, he said it's very quick for the animal to. I'm christian but animals aren't killed for a reason. It's the life cycle. How I feel is, you can't tell a bird not to eat a worm. :) But I have so much props for people who are vegitatians :)
ohhaiamberoo ohhaiamberoo 3 years 35 weeks
Just don't tell them, you can be forgiven. Learn to check everything before you cook and you'll be okay. But be careful! Depending on the person, the tiniest little bit of animal can make them sick since their stomachs don't have the fat to digest it anymore. So just be cautious when doing that! Chicken broth does have animal fat or some kind of animal part. I'm vegetarian and some things can get me really sick. So be careful! But you're forgiven for an innocent mistake :).
BriannaLovesKaty BriannaLovesKaty 3 years 43 weeks
lol ! .. Sorry v_v
3 years 43 weeks
Your scum plain and simple! This was not an error, it was a manipulation of your so called friends highest values. Let me guess, your a christian? Don't do people any favors in the future.
shly shly 4 years 3 weeks
I'm curious as to where you guys are finding all these militant vegetarians. Or are you just blindly assuming that all vegetarians sit around scheming against your precious meat-eating lifestyle? Not all vegetarians sit around wondering how to piss off those who choose to eat meat. I've actually found that in the people I know, it's quite the opposite. I've never criticized a person for choosing to eat meat... but all I ever hear from people who do eat meat is instant criticism. I personally don't eat meat and have no qualms with anyone who chooses to eat meat. Live your own life and don't force your opinions on everyone else. With that said, I still find it disrespectful to knowingly serve them a meat product. I personally would forgive you, but I also would rather not even know about it. It's clear that you had no bad intentions when serving them the dish. It's admirable that you put the time and effort into making them the meal. Nobody's perfect. What they don't know won't hurt them.
Skeptic52 Skeptic52 4 years 15 weeks
I'm vegan, and I HATE making people go out of their way for me. I avoid it whenever I can. I'll read menus at home before I go somewhere just so that I don't have to inconvenience people. My husband worked in restaurants in college, so I know how crappy it can be for them. I know stuff slips in here and there. I'm not stupid. But, I KNOW when I taste chicken broth. If they're actually vegetarians, they'd know, too. Honestly. I went to a sushi place one time with friends, and they have tons of veggie sushi. I ordered a soup that was labled "tofu" something or other, thinking it would be meat-free. But, it was made with chicken broth, and I could taste it right away and just stopped eating it and set it aside. Really, I wouldn't beat yourself up about it. They HAD to have tasted it. It's very distinct, especially when that's not in your diet. I wouldn't talk about it after that, though. I wouldn't want to know if I'd eaten some meat after the fact. What's the point? Just to feel bad about it? It's not like you fed peanuts to someone with an allergy. Clearly you're not proud of it. If you did it just to screw with them, I'd be offended. But, i don't think you did. Just don't do it again.
inlove23 inlove23 4 years 21 weeks
I agree with Dikkie Kaus I know farmers and it's defiantly not an easy job. I think to the OP let bygones be bygones.
jill10014 jill10014 4 years 22 weeks
As a vegetarian - I would be pretty angry if a "friend" knowingly served me something made with a meat based broth. I can empathize your situation about being in a bind, however you should have properly planned the meal and not risked getting any of the vegetarians sick.
4 years 22 weeks
I think it's kinda funny only because my veggie friends are so stuck up. I would be smiling the whole time, especially when they raved about how delicious it was. Then, midbite, I would announced that the chicken broth was low sodium or something.
4 years 22 weeks
I'm also a vegetarian (and no I do not wear leather - before anyone asks ) The thing that anoys me the most is those people who have replied to this, making out it is no 'big deal'. Now, if the cook had accidentally used something and NOT realised it contained chicken broth, until AFTER everyone had eaten, that would be an honest mistake, but in this situation the cook KNEW the vegetarian friends were sitting there eating something that contained non vegetarian ingredients and THAT is what is WRONG It cant be changed, the mistake is done..if it was me I would be pretty angry because it was 'deliberate' , no ifs no buts it was KIND of this person to invite friends for dinner but might have been kinder to say OOPS, i just found out it ISNT veggie, lets all chip in for pizza!!
4 years 22 weeks
#109 What you say is sooo true. I have gone without food or at barbecues just had a bun rather than eating meat.
4 years 22 weeks
I am 15 and the only vegetarian in my family. I became vegetarian in 4th grade for ethical reasons. I now get sick if I eat meat, and this only happens when people don't tell what is actually in the food they serve. By doing what you did you risked your friendship. One of them could have gotten sick and that would have given you away. I don't buy your in a pinch statement, they would have appreciated if dinner was a little late because you went to get vegetable broth. #29 I have been on a ranch (for cows raised for slaughter after I was already vegetarian) for weeks at a time. I helped with all the animals, doing everything my aunt did (she owns the ranch.) And I love vegetable gardening. I love working in the soil, and watching the plants grow. I take offence to your statement that vegetarian's are rich and spoiled. I am often told how much better with money I am than anyone else they know. I am more careful with money than even my mom. I am in 9th grade and have made a personal decision, against my mom's wishes, not to spend any money until after I finish college for anything but college tuition. You obviously don't understand vegetarianism so don't make generalizations about vegetarians.
4 years 22 weeks
It would have been nice to tell them ahead of time and let them make the choice to eat or not to eat but you didn’t so don’t beat yourself up for it. Just forget about it and do better next time. I once told a vegetarian friend what he was buying to eat had meat in it. He didn’t believe me. He had eaten the item dozens of times before and chose to believe someone who had told him incorrectly. So while he was eating it, I proved to him it had meat. He got angry at me. I have another friend who proclaims and swears that he is vegetarian but he eats chicken sometimes. I am not sure when the last time a chicken was a vegetable but then who knows, may be recently? I try to respect all but sometimes people are just plain odd.
4 years 22 weeks
Any real vegetarian would rather eat nothing than eat animal.
4 years 22 weeks
I think putting people who don't eat meat into a corner and making a bunch of assumptions about them is an irresponsible way to think. It's the same thing as making any sort of assumption about any group of people or things that you aren't informed about. How can you assume that someone who doesn't eat meat is doing it just for this reason or that reason? They might NOT be doing so because they believe in animal rights, they might NOT be doing it for religious reasons, they might NOT be doing it for any reason that you have assumed. To say that they are GENERALLY this way or another is uninformed and bigoted. Think of any decision that you tend to live by, and your reasons for it. The person that you are condemning has their own life experiences that have led them to their lifestyle, and it is not your place to say your decision making process is any better than theirs, and vice versa. It is unethical for them to condemn you or you them. I've been vegan and vegetarian for several years of my life, but while I have migrated away from either "branding," I still avoid eating a lot of meat because it tends to not digest well. I wouldn't care about chicken stock, but some people have severe allergies, and it isn't our decision to decide where the "line" is for another person without knowing their exact reasons for their eating habits and how important it is to them. Maybe they're newly pregnant and certain meat makes them nauseous? Does it really matter why? If they are your friend, wouldn't you want them to have the same concern and respect for you? I think that no matter what, the veggies vs the meat eaters issue can be boiled down to respect for another person's way of life and the worth of another persons life.
4 years 22 weeks
Yes. I used to be a vegetarian because meat made me sick and we couldn't afford it on a regular basis to make me get used to it. As long as nobody ended up sick from it who cares you shouldn't even worry about telling them restaurants do this ALL the time
danakscully64 danakscully64 4 years 23 weeks
Anon 104 - You hit the nail on the head about customers at a restaurant. I was a server for 3 years (fast food worker for 4) and have a lot of friends who served as well. The vegetarian customers were typically the easiest and nicest (I was educated on the menu, that helped). I used to get picky meat eaters on a daily basis. "Can I get my burger well done, cheddar instead, no mayo, mustard instead, extra pickles, no tomato, salad, no croutons, half ranch and half italian on the side, add avocado, etc etc." I think it's terrible to generalize vegetarians at a restaurant, especially when you don't have years of serving experience. Picky people are picky people, period. When I told my friends about this generalization, even my meat eating server friends laughed and said it was ridiculous.
danakscully64 danakscully64 4 years 23 weeks
@ Anon 103: You're paying someone to treat the animal the way they do. If you don't agree with it, don't give them your money. Go down to a local farm and see how the animals are cared for. If you agree with their practices, buy from them. We will never agree that animals are made for eating, that's a really sad thought. As someone who believes in God, I don't think God would have made animals feel pain if they were meant to be eaten. I also don't think he would have made them high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Animal protein has been directly linked to heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, kidney disease, and other serious illnesses. The meat industry is also destroying the environment. If you eat meat, you're directly supporting this. I'm not trying to turn everyone veggie, but I expect people to KNOW the facts before they make their decision.
4 years 23 weeks
I may be one of the few vegans out there that thinks this, but honestly I'd rather not know what happened. It would be disappointing to know I was lied to and I probably wouldn't feel comfortable going to any of your parties anymore...but I'm in the "what they don't know won't hurt them" camp as long as it only happens once. To do so repeatedly because you got away with it that would be unforgivable. Who knows, some of your friends may have even tasted the chicken and chosen not to say anything out of consideration to you. In that case, they probably assumed it was just a mistake, and telling them the truth would not have any positive outcome for anyone. I for one have never once made a big deal out of being vegetarian when out to dinner--I am just grateful to be included in my friends' outings even on the rare occasion there's not much to eat. However, I can't count the number of times meat-eating friends have sent food back for containing things they don't like, or spent five minutes grilling the waiter on ingredients or making substitutions. That seems ridiculous to me, but I wouldn't condemn them for it... if they don't want onions, they don't want onions, and they can make whatever fuss they want about it. I think it's not so much that vegetarians take longer to order, but that it is more noticeable when they do because other people don't understand why they are asking questions. Anyway, OP, everyone makes mistakes, but being a good host(ess) means you need to make the effort to prepare. If you knew you were serving "a bunch" of vegetarians, it probably should have occurred to you that maybe you should check your ingredients in advance.
4 years 23 weeks
I am not a vegetarian but I care for the welfare of animals and do not feel like a hypocrite. Saying that all meat eaters do not care about animals is the same as saying that all vegetarians are pompous, sissy, whiners who pretend they are better than everybody else. To me animals are for eating but I do not want them living in horrid conditions while they wait to be my dinner. The trucks they transport chickens in is a nightmare in itself.