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I barely workout anymore!!

When I was in the process of losing 35 pounds, I liiiived for the gym and eating healthy. I worked out about 6 days a week hardcore, looked really in shape, and didn't even crave bad food. But now that I lost the weight, I am getting "too okay" with my normal looking body, so I have NO motivation to be healthy. I dread the gym now and mostly don't go. I don't stop myself from eating whatever I want whenever. Where did my motivation go? This has been going on for a good month and it's freaking me out. I haven't gained anything back, but I can tell I don't LOOK as fit as before. HELP!

leap4th leap4th 4 years 12 weeks
This happens to many areas of our lives. We set a goal & go all out to reach it. Once we reach it it seems "now what?. You're not alone. It's time to revaluate & switch things around. Focusing on an activity that you enjoy makes a difference. Try getting a friend or family member involved. I started taking martial arts after getting tired of the gym. I bought a few workout DVD's for mornings. My endurance & flexibility improved with martial arts & I have belts to work as new goals & it's a fun & challenging. People are there to help keep me accountable. Find something you enjoy! That's what keeps you going....
Sarah10563 Sarah10563 4 years 12 weeks
Switch up your approach, give up the "gym" and try one of the yoga challenges going on now. 21 days is all it takes to break a habit, or form a new one! Signing up for a 21 day yoga challenge will change your workout mindset and maybe forget about "looking fit" and just loving feeling fit.
lighthouselady lighthouselady 4 years 12 weeks
Maybe you should take a good look at what you really want: Healthy, strong, or whatever, then figure out why you want that. That may help you get the motivation back.