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I bought eyeshadow that's too pink! HELP!

After hearing people go on and on all over the internet about NYX eyeshadows, I gave in and got myself Ultimate Pearl in Golden Pink Pearl. And it is lovely - texture is almost creamy, and the pigmentation is crazy for something that price! Problem is, I HATE THE COLOUR! It's my own fault really, I'll admit - bought it online and didn't bother searching for swatches first. I am Asian, I have fair skin with yellowish undertones, and I think the colour looks just plain gaudy on my eyes. I tried mixing it with other colours - bronzes and golds, but they ended up looking like I have a black-eye! I tried using it as a blush, and that works...okay... a little too shimmery - does anyone has any other solutions?

poofie126 poofie126 4 years 17 weeks
Thanks for the comments guys, will definitely try them out:) Well, I already tried the one to put in on the inside corners - something I've always tried with my other shadows and came out just not right - this colour seems to be designed for that! :):):)
4 years 17 weeks
I use a color similar to that on just the inside corners of my eyes. It would look awful if I used it all over my lid, but in the inside corner it looks great.
4 years 17 weeks
I would use it on the inner lid and use a darker matte color in either a darker purple tone if you want to use more color or a dark brown if you want to go neutral. The matte kind of evens out the shimmer and will add more dimension to the eye. Whenever I use pinks/reddish tones, I always line my eyes. Those colors can make people look sick sometimes, so the liner is breaking up that color difference more, as well as defining your eye, and making your lashes look fuller.
kohina kohina 4 years 17 weeks
Seconding on chucking it. It was $3....
joriss joriss 4 years 17 weeks
For pink eyeshadow i always used a shade of violet or purple to enlighten or change the color a bit. Try to experiment, mix it first with some of the eyeshadow you have by putting it to the back of your hand. Then youll know whats good to wear.
amandaaa amandaaa 4 years 17 weeks
i actually start out my eyeshadow base with pink eyeshadow! i put pink all over the lid, then put a light brown on top of it. try something like that maybe? or maybe in the corner of your eyes.
ren_kr ren_kr 4 years 17 weeks
use it in the corners of your eyes to brighten?
hisoka27 hisoka27 4 years 18 weeks
You could try using it as an eyeliner
POPSUGAR-Beauty POPSUGAR-Beauty 4 years 18 weeks
Thanks for your responses. These are great tips!
citgirl citgirl 4 years 18 weeks
I love this tutorial that uses the NYX pink eye makeup-- maybe it will give you some ideas?
Mippi Mippi 4 years 18 weeks
Use it as a highlighter. Either on your face (down the bridge of your nose, by the inner corners of your eyes, cheekbones, brow bone, etc) and on your decolletage and shoulders. NYX eye shadows are great and cheap, so this way you can use it up in a great way without it messing with your skin color. I picked up My Favorite Color (the actual name of the eyeshadow) by mistake and it has flecks of glitter in it, which is a little much. The color's great but for the damned sparkles! I'm thinking of doing the highlight thing once I start wearing more revealing clothing.
kkhuff kkhuff 4 years 18 weeks
Mix with lip balm and dab on lips for a creamy lip color.
jenni5 jenni5 4 years 18 weeks
Chuck was only $3.
kinkihair kinkihair 4 years 18 weeks
As an eyeshadow I would try mixing it with more neutral colors. I'm a brown girl so for me that would be browns and black. If using as a blush, try using it in place of highlight color and use a stipple or big fluffy brush so you don't get too much color.
man-man93590 man-man93590 4 years 18 weeks
Try mixing it with silver, I'm also Asian and I have a pinkish eye shadow as well. I too thought the pink eye shadow didn't look good alone so I mixed it with a little silver and it looks better.
lauren lauren 4 years 18 weeks
Maybe try mixing it with more of brown hue, it might make a nice combination!