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I can't afford my friend's wedding :(

I have been asked to participate in my friend's wedding as a bridesmaid. Unfortunatly, I cannot afford the extravagant wedding and celebrations leading up to the wedding. At the moment, a conservative estimate for what I'll have to pay is $1,500. I'm worried my friend will kick me out of her wedding or worse stop being my friend all together. I need advice on how to politely explain to her that all of this is way out of my price range. I feel like a bad friend for not being able to "do it all", but I can't afford to go into debt.

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mznatural mznatural 4 years 17 weeks
I must admit this is one touchy topic. Do you think she'll stop being your friend if you decide you cannot participate? I ask this because if this is the case, then she's not your true friend anyway. I once had to withdraw myself from my friend's wedding and honestly it was the best decision I ever made. I explained to her that I have quite a few financial commitments that year and simply would not be able to afford being in her wedding, but can assist in anything that she needed help with. If you can afford to- maybe you can take part in some of the festivities that fit into your budget. So if you can afford 600 or whatever the amount - I would take part in things up until that amount. Weddings can be costly and to be honest its her wedding not yours. Being a supportive friend is what should matter most and if she's your real friend she'll appreciate your honesty and appreciate whatever you can do to help. Hope this helps.