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I love my company but I need a change!

I moved and had to find work during the worst part of the recession and ended up with a job that has a lot of great perks (location, regular schedule, great management) but I am definitely under-employed. I don't mind the under-employment status much since I'm paid well enough to support my modest lifestyle and I have the benefits I need, but I have been at this job for 18 months now and I've grown very weary of being treated like dirt by customers and clients I work with. This is not something that will change at my situation because of human nature - apparently it's natural for many people to treat people that they view as "service industry" this way no matter how nice we are to them, and I deal with hundreds daily.


I'd really like to stay with my company, which is basically a staffing company for concierges and guest-services positions. The company has seen a lot of growth lately, and I know there are now a lot of new positions that would be a better fit for me. I've already mentioned my desire to move into another posotion to my supervisor and we are going to meet to chat about my options soon. She doesn't work with me day-to-day, but she knows that I am a good worker (our client loves me) and reliable (I've never been late or called in sick). What advice can you give me about this upcoming meeting?

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