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I am at work all day and need effective ways to housetrain my 1 year old puppy! How do you teach them to hold it in?
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I recently rescued a cocker spaniel pup 8 weeks old.

I recently rescued a cocker spaniel pup 8 weeks old. I have brought her to the vet 5 X and he can' t seem to find out what is wrong. She seems to scratch all over. It wont wake her up, but it will stop her in her tracks when she is playing or eating. She will just start scratching. I have tried the following:
-she was scraped and no mites or ringworm
-tried oatmeal shampoo and Maleseb shampoo
-tried a broad antibiotics in case it is bacterial
-changed diet to Natural Balance and started adding Vitamin E to food.
She will bite at her rear, and paws and scratch her body, ears and legs. No hairloss or inflammed skin. No appearance of rash or crusty skin.
She will cry from the scratching and it breaks my heart. She is so young I don't want to try anything too extreme (medication wise). I have no idea what else to do. I have had her for 14 days and she has been to the vet 5X, with another apt this Friday.
Any advice would be great

4 years 8 weeks
Chewing of the paws is generally a corn allergy. Try getting a food with no corn - in my opinion Natural Balance isn't the best food but that's just me. California Naturals is supposed to be the best food for dogs with allergies because there are only 6 ingredients or something. That's what I feed my dog (although I'm going to switch now because the company that makes California Naturals was bought by Proctor and Gamble). Think about the possibility of chicken intolerance too - lamb is generally easier on their tummies... and if the problem continues to persist, think about going to a grain free food! Also try adding Fish Oil - which is great for their skin and coats (I've never really heard of adding Vitamin E oil for them). I give my dog Fish Oil and Coconut Oil (which is good for literally everything, it's like a miracle food and my dog LOVES it!). Good luck with your pup!!
emilyaline emilyaline 4 years 8 weeks
i agree with all the other posters. this definitely sounds like allergies. we feed wellness food and our dogs love it and it has all human grade ingredients. our vet also suggested that we give our puppy (great dane) benadryl when we notice him scratching or chewing at himself. (ask your vet first!!) it has helped a lot! she also told us to wipe him down every evening with a damp towel to get all the pollen off of him every day. hope this helps!!
Happygirl83 Happygirl83 4 years 9 weeks
I have a Cocker Spaniel that is 5 years old sometime the first year of her life she started scratching and she never stopped it was AWFUL. She had 2 very expensive eye surgeries because she scratched her eyeball. It made me so sad I wanted to cry. I tried everything. Then one day somebody told me about hypoallergenic dog food... The one I use is Science Diet but I'm sure there are other brands... It's expensive but save your puppy and yourself so much pain and give it a try. I also keep her hair really short that helps to check for breakouts. I really hope this helps you I know how flustrated I was dealing with this. Good Luck!
4 years 9 weeks
My Jack Russell-Boston terrier mix has severe allergies. I prefer to go the natural route by strengthening her immune system. I swear by Flint River Ranch Fish and Chips dry dog food (trout and sweet potatoes), Halo VitaGlow Dream Coat, and Halo Vitamin C. I also use a sulphur homeopathic treatment when the seasons change; it has worked wonders. Dr. Pitcairn's Natural Pet Health Care book has a lot of good tips. My vet also recommended a strong black tea rinse after each bath and that works very well. Just boil up some a few big bags of Liptons, let it cool to room temperature and use it after bathing her. I wish you and your puppy the best!
handbaggal821 handbaggal821 4 years 9 weeks
I agree, I believe it's allergies as well. My dog itches and has reactions to chicken or any kind of chicken product. Switch the food and also i recommend all natural dry or wet foods, they are the best for your dog!!!
Ellenora Ellenora 4 years 9 weeks
I ditto the allergies. Some dogs also scratch when they're stressed so look for signs of stress. If she doesn't look stressed, it's probably allergies.
fuzzles fuzzles 4 years 9 weeks
Find a new vet. Seriously. Preferably one that specializes in the area of allergies.
jfeagle jfeagle 4 years 9 weeks
I agree it sounds like an allergy. I have a pug that is allergic to corn (which alot of dog foods have in them) and she had very similar symptoms. I changed her food (she eats Nutro now) and it's not as bad as it used to be, but her vet has given me allergy pills that seem to help, I just hate keeping her medicated. I have found that the Paul Mitchelle shampoo and conditioner for dogs has worked pretty well and usually will keep her from itching for a few days.
agnellina agnellina 4 years 9 weeks
It might be allergies. My three year old Havanese gets them this time of year. My vet gave me some antihistamines and some topical gel for around his eyes. They also have aloe gel at pet stores for itchyness, but I wouldn't recommend putting it in areas where your puppy can lick as aloe is not good for dogs to ingest.