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How do I Care for Cast Iron Pans?
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I want to like oatmeal but its just too mushy for me. I love oatmeal raisin cookies. Is there a trick to making it less mushy?

willofsteel willofsteel 5 years 37 weeks
A lot of people like runny oatmeal including me! lol But since you dont I reccommend either boiling it longer to get the water out or putting something like protien powder in it,or some crunchy like nuts,granola,crispy fruit like apples or berries.:) Hope that helps!!
lauren lauren 5 years 37 weeks
For me, I always add less water than it calls for since I don't like my oatmeal to be super runny. I think cooked oatmeal will always be a little mushy! Maybe try making a granola with oatmeal, like this it will definitely be more crunchy! BTW, oatmeal cookies are my favorite too, so much delicious texture.