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I'm concerned for my cats breathing

Hi my name is Tami, I'm worried about my cat when I'm laying in bed when hes laying in his at the end of my bed I can hear him beathing. At first I thought it was something else because it sounded like someone else was in the room. Could he just be snoring, hes my first  indoor cat I've ever had. When I was holding him today I could him breathing. I don't smoke, I house cool, I clean his litter box everyday, I don't know if that would have anything to do with it. Is it normal for a cat to do that? Should I take him to a vet?

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My little guy makes funny noises too. I talked to my vet and she suspects he might have a slight case of feline asthma. For now, he seems to be fine without medication but there are breathing treatments specialized for tiny noses.