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The (Increasing) Role of Technology in Parenthood

I can remember looking for a gift baby shower gift for a co-worker's (and fellow nerd's) wife several years ago. I ended up buying the ItzBeen timer on ThinkGeek. The ItzBeen timer basically keeps track of all of the major aspects of the daily life of your child so you don't have too write it down. They swore by it. I've never gotten so much appreciation for a $20 gift in my life.

How have you seen technology change the dynamics of motherhood/parenthood? Has there been some single product that has completely changed your life with regards to parenting?

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Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 4 years 18 weeks
I can't think of a specific product, but I will say that the nights when my daughter and I make it from wake up time to bed time without turning on the tv or computer seem almost magical to me. Not that I'd ever go without either, but I do wonder if people back in ye olden days used to feel that same simple closeness everyday, or if it was so routine for them they didn't notice.