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An Inside Look at a Spanish Wedding

Last August, I headed to Cordoba, Spain to attend the wedding of my very dear friends Rave and Ali. It was the first time I experienced a wedding in another culture. While there were many similarities, there were also many differences. To learn more about it, click through my photos.

An Inside Look at a Spanish WeddingThe couple is quite goth, so this was reflected in their black and white invitation. 
The bride, Alicia, designed the invite. 
The front flap opened up... reveal the information. 
I attended the wedding with my dear friend Elizabeth, we met the couple when we were bartenders in Spain together. Here, we pose in front of Cordoba's most historic monument, the Mezquita. 
Unlike American weddings, Spanish weddings start late in the day. We arrived on location at 8PM. 
This is the area where they held the cocktail hour. It was on grass which proved to be difficult for the girls (like myself) in high heels. 
Each table was named after a different aspect of the couple's life. 
I was seated at the Zona Libre table. Zona Libre was the name of the bar where I first befriended the groom. 
I'm so well known in Cordoba that no last name is needed!
Another shot of the dining tables. 
The ceremony took place inside a small tent. 
My Spanish friends, don't they look dashing?
The couple was really late and we ended up waiting an hour for them to arrive.
Finally the couple rolled up in a vintage car. They came together — another difference between a Spanish and American wedding. 
The bride didn't know I was coming: it was a surprise for her to see me!
I loved the car. 
The ceremony was the least important part of the wedding. There weren't even enough seats for everyone and many people waited outside smoking cigarettes. 
One of the groom's friend's bought a bunch of super poppers...
...and handed them out to everyone during the ceremony.
As the married couple left the tent, everyone showered them with confetti from the super poppers. 
The menu was filled with wonderfully delicious Spanish food. 
Naturally, I enjoyed all of the food. This marinated tuna bite was served with a foamy coconut sauce and confit of tomatoes. 
I could not get enough of the anchovy toasts with tomato marmalade. 
The tablescape was simple, but elegant. 
The first course was a beggar's purse fulled with fish, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms. 
In between courses, we refreshed our palette with a lemon spearmint sorbet. 
The main course was an absolutely divine fillet mignon with foie gras and bacon and potato cake. 
During the meal, the cake tree was assembled. 
The cake was chocolate! 
My friend Pascual is a pastry chef and he made the wedding cake. 
The couple ready to cut the cake. 
Scrumptious! Chocolate cake with apricot filling. 
The after party was at another friend's bar. 
This was quite possibly the world's longest wedding. It didn't end until 8 am the following morning. Next time I know to bring a change of flats in my purse!
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attorneymarina attorneymarina 6 years 2 weeks
This was a cool post! Thanks for the pictures from Cordoba! I was in Barcelona last year for four months, and loved it. Spanish culture is different but I think was I gathered from your memory of the wedding was that the ceremony is not as important as the celebration. And that is what the Spanish do well! Seeing all your pictures made me remember my time in Spain...thanks again.