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Greek Yogurt with Red Wine-Infused Dates, Toasted Walnuts & Honey
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Inside YumSugar's "Test Kitchen"

Welcome to my home! Since PartySugar shared her kitchen with you, I thought I'd do the same. Click through for more photos.

Inside YumSugar's "Test Kitchen"The grand view of my kitch.
My stovetop — which Nancita has declared the most popular range in San Francisco.
My shelf space. Below is what I call my "spice cove." I also have a spice rack that's not pictured to hold my main spices, as well as separate cabinet you can't see that holds all my vinegars and runover spices. Here, however, I keep the ingredients I use most frequently: Canola oil, olive oil, kosher salt, table salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, soy sauce.
Appliance central: T-Fal Actifry I'm testing out, overused Mr Coffee coffeemaker, Zojirushi water heater, Sodastream carbonator.
I have a lot of Tupperware.
My recently reorganized pantry.
Baking goods take up one shelf.
The second shelf of my pantry, which holds dry and canned foods.
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