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Iraqi militias gluing anuses of gay men and inducing diarrhea to cause death.

Relying on an International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission translation of a recent Al Arabiya story, the blog Towleroad reports that Iraqi militias have been engaging in some particularly brutal tactics toward gay men in Iraq:

"A prominent Iraqi human rights activist says that Iraqi militia have deployed a painful form of torture against homosexuals by closing their anuses using 'Iranian gum.' ...Yina Mohammad told that, 'Iraqi militias have deployed an unprecedented form of torture against homosexuals by using a very strong glue that will close their anus.' According to her, the new substance 'is known as the American hum, which is an Iranian-manufactured glue that if applied to the skin, sticks to it and can only be removed by surgery. After they glue the anuses of homosexuals, they give them a drink that causes diarrhea. Since the anus is closed, the diarrhea causes death. Videos of this form of torture are being distributed on mobile cellphones in Iraq.'"

The Iraqi defense ministry reported earlier this month that six gay men were shot dead in a Shia-controlled part of Baghadad. "Two of the bodies, found on Thursday, had pieces of paper attached on which was written the word 'Pervert.'" According to the source in the Al Arabiya article, "for the past 3 weeks a crackdown on homosexuals has been going on based on a religious decree that demands their death; dozens have been targeted." The persecution "is not confined to the Shiite clerics," the source said. "Some Sunni leaders have also declared the death penalty for sodomy on satellite channels."

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Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 7 years 5 weeks
Jillness Jillness 7 years 5 weeks
That is so awful. Wow.
bellaressa bellaressa 7 years 5 weeks
Hi Everyone. I had to double take, the title wow. The story is horrifying. Happiness is not,except in very rare cases,that drops into the mouth like a ripe fruit.Happiness must be,for most men and women,an achievement rather than a gift of the gods,and in this achievement,effort,both inward and outward,must play a great part.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 7 years 5 weeks
This is fucking horrible. Pardon my language...but there is no other way to describe it.
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 7 years 5 weeks
It's disgusting what blind faith can make you do sometimes.
stephley stephley 7 years 5 weeks
Obviously, they're guys who are very secure in their healthy sexuality.
T-S T-S 7 years 5 weeks
I didn't even read the article, the headline was puh-lenty. That is disgusting. And who are these men who are like, "Sure I'll glue a guy's anus shut. No problem!"
stephley stephley 7 years 5 weeks
That's horrifying.