Revamping Baby's Room
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10 Nursery Design Ideas Inspired by Wallpaper
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Isabel's Elegant Black, White, and Pink Nursery

After having a son, I was thrilled for the opportunity to decorate for a girl. I wanted to create a feminine space, but also one that wasn't too babyish. Pink was always planned, but I loved the black and white damask print to balance it out. I fell in love with the artwork and the other "fashionable" touches naturally followed. I like that it has an elegant French feel, but isn't overtly French in style.

anaisethenry anaisethenry 4 years 41 weeks
Very chic!!!
Carri Carri 5 years 32 weeks
Beautiful! Her name above the crib is a nice touch.
eavalderas eavalderas 5 years 47 weeks
Thanks for the quick response...The art work is gorgeous and it's something she can grow with, so worth the price! I am tempted to add some pics of my daughters room but I can't ever get good enough pics. I will have to do some playing around with my camera! Thanks again.
schnappycat schnappycat 5 years 47 weeks
eavalderas, I got the artwork from Rosenberry Rooms. It's not cheap, but I just fell in love with it and kept coming back to it!
eavalderas eavalderas 5 years 47 weeks
I absolutely love the artwork..would you mind sharing where you found it. My daughters room is done in the same exact color scheme. Just a brighter pink!
starbucks2 starbucks2 5 years 47 weeks
Wow, I love it! I'd move in in a heartbeat!
lauren lauren 5 years 48 weeks
Yeah toddlers can do that! A bit of distraction but this still looks fabulous!
schnappycat schnappycat 5 years 48 weeks
Thanks so much! I think my son's nursery was my better effort, but turns out it's much harder to have time to decorate with a toddler. LOL! :)
lauren lauren 5 years 48 weeks
What a fantastic baby girl's room! Incredibly chic!