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I am at work all day and need effective ways to housetrain my 1 year old puppy! How do you teach them to hold it in?
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Jack Russell Terrier in an apartment. How can I make it work?

lynniepop lynniepop 5 years 50 weeks
We also just adopted a Jack Russell, We have about 900 sq ft so it isn't terrible but we spend as much time outside as possible because he loves to run around. So definitely take advantage of nice weather and parks and really long walks! have fun!
doodlebug doodlebug 5 years 50 weeks
it's possible! i have a JRT/beagle mix in a 500 sq ft apartment. just create a safe space, whether a room or a crate, and make sure that the dog gets plenty of exercise. JRTs are great dogs. good luck!