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Found! Jennifer Aniston's Badass Bag in The Bounty Hunter

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler's movie, The Bounty Hunter, comes out March 19. While the thought of seeing Jen and Gerry steaming it up on screen — and in W magazine! — is exciting, I'm more so crushing on Jen's mainstay Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia bag ($1,890). If a purse were compared to a mullet — business in front, party in back — this bag would be it. How so? The structured flap-front makes it appropriate for business settings, while the long shoulder strap and less-structured back, seen here, make it perfect for going out . . . and sexy escapades.

4 years 19 weeks
hi ppl. i got the option to order 50 peaces of that salvatore feragamo sofia bag... ill only do that if someone would buy it... i love that bag.... but i dont need 50 peaces...i just want to have 1.. they only would give that bag in production if i buy 50 peaces... so anyone say its a good idea?
mmcdona4 mmcdona4 4 years 27 weeks
Lovin the bag!
skigurl skigurl 4 years 27 weeks
she looks good there!! i love the bag too, even though i'm not a long strap kind of person
lizlee89 lizlee89 4 years 27 weeks
this movie looks just awful; but I do like the bag...