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Reese Witherspoon's Fitness and Diet Regimen From Running to Yoga
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Get the Bod: Jessica Biel's Abs

You love Jessica Biel; we know that. I mean, for three years running she's been voted the fittest female celebrity by you, our readers. It's easy to see why. Jessica always looks toned, slim, and strong. We already know how Jessica keeps her arms in shape, and now we know how she works those abs. Trainer Ramona Braganza shared with Us Magazine the details of how she kept Jessica in shape while filming the A-Team: "Jessica is in great shape. She maintains her body and doesn't necessarily have to train every day." Check out some of the exercises Braganza did with Jessica to work those abs. Added bonus: they're easy enough to do in your own home!

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Jessica Biel's Fitness and Exercise Routine For AbsHit the GymBack Extensions on a Stability BallPush-UpsSide Elbow PlankKeep a Healthy Diet