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Joys of Motherhood and Car Ownership

This is the top corner of my mechanic's service bill. I will let it speak for itself. The only thing I have to add is: you should have seen the look on his face when I tried to explain my problem to him.

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snarkypants snarkypants 4 years 3 weeks
4 years 3 weeks
anonymous 11 - the description is made by the mechanic not the person who owns the car. I've never had one of my kids put coins in my seatbelt but they have stuck tooth picks in my cd player. Its always funny to hear these type of stories.
4 years 3 weeks
The description says "child put pennies" etc. It was obviously described. I don't know any parent this HASN'T happened to. I even know a lot of non-parents who've had coins go into their seatbelt.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 4 years 3 weeks
I read this post and called my uncle who has been a mechanic for over 20 years. He said he was never had a customer who needed to have coins removed from their seatbelt. So I have to agree with comment 9, its not really that common.
4 years 3 weeks
No where does it say that she actually told him that her child put coins into the seatbelt and from her comment about the look on his face, it leads me to believe she was describing what her problem was without knowing what was actually wrong. And if the mechanic does act surprised or confused at the description, it's highly likely that they do not have kids themselves, or that they do not allow their children in the vehicle unsupervised, especially in the front seat! I can also say that where I live and work, in a dealership, it is NOT a common occurance to have people come in needing coins removed from a seatbelt, in fact never have heard of that particular problem in over 15 years, so NO, I can't say it's a common place occurance!
4 years 3 weeks
You can think it's rude if you want, I've never known a mechanic, even one still training, to be confused by "coins in seatbelt." Even most laymen I know have no problem understanding the description. And yeah, it happens so often that it's not like someone's coming in trying to describe a highly technical problem.
4 years 3 weeks
To anon #5, what are you talking about? That's just a rude comment about mechanics! Have you ever been a mechanic and tried to decipher what a customer is trying to tell you based on how it sounds to them? While they are normally highly trained for their job, no where in their years of training does it include things like "coin removal" from seat belts and CD players! It's also not that common of an occurrence as most people don't allow for the opportunity for this to happen, but having said that, with kids, anything can happen and very quickly! I challenge you to try to do the job of a skilled automotive technician for a day and see how you do. For Betty Wayne, I'm so happy that you're able to find the humor in the situation because kids can do some crazy things that really make us shake our heads and ultimately laugh down the line! Very glad you found a good automotive tech that realized the situation and was gracious about it.
amber512 amber512 4 years 4 weeks
My nephew stuck his finger through that hole in the seat belt on the bus, he had to be put under to get it off because it got so swollen! It makes me super nervous for what my future kids will do!
4 years 4 weeks
This is such a common occurrence that I'd be awfully suspicious of the experience and skill level of any mechanic who looked surprised or confused at the description.
4 years 4 weeks
Too funny! I'm not looking forward to anything like that ever happening. But you may want to look for a new mechanic that can spell... "squeak". :oP
Budderflie Budderflie 4 years 4 weeks
My husband and I had a good lol at this. I live in Ohio too, Monroe actually so I may need to know exactly what shop this was at for the day my son does this. hahaha
lauren lauren 4 years 4 weeks
At least you can laugh about it! Kids do funny things!
Tiffany-Carboni Tiffany-Carboni 4 years 4 weeks
So painfully true for so many of us! Our car's CD player hasn't worked in 5 years. Who knows what's in there.