Just an update

My formerly terrible (but wonderful)child is improving by leaps and bounds. His grades are improving, his concentration is up from 23 seconds of focus time to 19 minutes and his behavior is 100% better. When his teacher showed me all of his great work this week I bawled like a baby!!! His reading comprehesion testing is a year ahead of his grade and month simply because he was able to sit through the 25-question test! AND, no time spent in the vice-principals office

sgipaigeygirl sgipaigeygirl 7 years 34 weeks
Do you mind if I ask you how old this child is? I have a son who is almost 12 and was diagnosed w/ADD in the first grade. It's definitely not an easy thing to live with, but once he was diagnosed we were able to deal with it, whereas before we'd yell at him for not being able to follow very, very basic instructions. He now makes all A's and is playing JV football, we are very, very proud of him, but it's a rocky road for sure....