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Katherine Heigl's Bridesmaid Gowns

Katherine Heigl's Bridesmaid Gowns HOME ON THE RANGE
Watch out for the Grey's Anatomy star to square-dance at a wedding reception in this cowgirl-inspired outfit.LA VIE EN ROSE
Heigl really liked this blue strapless dress with rosettes. "It was nice to find something a little bit shorter,SCARLET FEVER
It takes just that one extra touch – a matching red hat – to go over the top. 
This ankle-length silky gown with extra-large sleeves is what happens when people try to add more fabric tMISS MATCHED
Even in an overly coordinated outfit, Heigl still looks gorgeous. 
"That was the orange sherbet dress," Thomas says of this flouncy vintage gown that completed the rainbow of coloSO SARI
Heigl wraps up in a traditional sari – one of the few get-ups that she really loved – for a friend's Hindi-Jewish weddiBEST BONNET
It took about a month to hand-make a series of eight Gone with the Wind-inspired gowns, each in a different color oWELL SUITED
Heigl balances masculine and feminine in this Greta Garbo-inspired Theory suit. 
This one was known as the "green goblin" on set for its puffy sleeves, double tiers and gigantic bow at the back. SAG AWARD
"That one was really special," says Thomas of this pink lace gown with deflated sleeves. 
Heigl loved this deep scoop neckline, which earned this blue lace '50s gown the name "Show White." "Her neck TURN UP THE HEAT
This dress left Heigl and fellow actress Judy Greer quite literally hot and bothered. "It was not the most comPEEPS
The inspiration for this yellow knee-length dress with perfectly matched accessories? Everyone's favorite Easter candy: PTEAL AND SYMPATHY
Thomas tried to work against Heigl's fair coloring with this blue-green dress. "I thought, 'This is what a brTAKE A BOW
With the white bow strapped across Heigl's backside, costume designer Cat Thomas tried to "make a really beautiful cTAKE THE CAKE
"That was sort of our Barbie on acid dress," Thomas says. "It was very scratchy, but it was hilarious!"
Heigl accessorizes a short strapless gown with a spiked choker for a friend's goth nuptials. 
This beaded blush dress with a diamond tiara was another look that reminded Thomas of a little girl's weddingTHINK PINK
This hot-pink micro-mini was "poking fun at the candy-coated blonde wedding," says Thomas – who reveals it was HeiglDECK THE HALLS
Heigl laughed when she saw this festive red and green dress inspired by the idea of a Christmas wedding.
Heigl wore a traditional kimono with sandals and special toe-socks at a Japanese wedding. Love her fan from N.Y.C. storFAIRY TALE
The perfect proportions of this blue fairy-inspired dress helped Heigl pull it off with grace.
For this pink Cinderella concoction, Thomas was inspired by "that little kid vision of weddings." 
This lovely number was known on set as "the frog dress" – but no animals were harmed in the making. 
Thomas scoured Salvation Army thrift shops to find this '80s pink and orange iridescent dress that had everyone onPUTTIN' ON THE RITZ
"Oh, I love that one!" says Thomas of this tuxedo-inspired dress that reminded her of a New Year's Eve cock
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SaraMu SaraMu 8 years 14 weeks
My friend just got one of the wedding gowns featured in the movie. So cool to see it in real life.
ras0889 ras0889 8 years 15 weeks
These were awesome.... I sent them to my girls to remind them that I love them! :)
jennibella87 jennibella87 8 years 18 weeks
I loved that movie and seeing all those dresses again cracks me up. Are there really people out there that would make their bridesmaids wear things like that?!
bohemianShia bohemianShia 8 years 19 weeks
Aw I can't wait to see this movie thanks for the pics
pinkbella51 pinkbella51 8 years 24 weeks
Love her, she's adorable! Can't wait until she actually gets married to see what her own dress will look like!
greysgirl14 greysgirl14 8 years 28 weeks
She is so pretty thanks for adding these!