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Katie's Birthday Party

Daddy took me on our first roadtrip on Saturday. He took me accross town so we could go to Katie's First Birthday Party. It was pretty exciting. Brian sent me some pictures:

I met Olivia who is a little older than me.

After hearing mom and dad talk about her alot, I got to meet Katie. She's so big and sophisticated. I hope I made a good impression.

The big girls played with big toys.

All of this was very exciting. So I fell asleep.

sashak sashak 8 years 39 weeks
Look at all the pretty Sugar babies!!
SweetPeasMom SweetPeasMom 8 years 40 weeks
It looks like a fun day for everyone! :D
My-Opinion My-Opinion 8 years 40 weeks
All of the babies are so adorable!! I can see that I'm gonna get a lot of enjoyment out all of your captions too Sadie like I do with your hilarious friend Katie!! Your friend Olivia is a doll too!
Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt 8 years 51 weeks
AWWWWWW what a little angel! that last pic of Sadie just kills me! And look at Katie sooooo cute with those pigtails and cake all over her face. Olivia is adorable too. Everybody! OOhhh I just love babies! :baby: If they stayed babies forever I'd have at least 5! :-P __________________________ Just happy to be!
JessNess JessNess 8 years 51 weeks
I LOVE these pictures! The one of Katie with frosting all over is hilarious!!
colormesticky colormesticky 8 years 51 weeks
:rotfl: Love the pictures. And Jinx is right- who's gorgeous daughter is that in the wagon? She's so pretty.
Jinx Jinx 8 years 51 weeks
Awww, what a great post. All the babies are so sweet! :) Sadie already has a more exciting social calendar than me! lol The "big girl" in the back of the wagon is such a beautiful little girl. :) --------------------------------------------------------------------"Like MySpace, only more arrogant"
mollipop mollipop 8 years 51 weeks
These cute baby faces just melt my heart!
Community-Manager Community-Manager 8 years 51 weeks
The most beautiful girls ever!
jennifer76 jennifer76 8 years 51 weeks
:rotfl: Love the captions!! Absolutely adorable little girls!!
crispet1 crispet1 8 years 51 weeks
Aww, so cute!