Saved 3/26/07 to Watch Katie Sugar Grow Up

Katie in LA

TNgirl TNgirl 9 years 5 weeks
She is such a cutie. That bathing suit is adorable.
JennaV JennaV 9 years 9 weeks
Wow....she has the bluest eyes ever!!! Sooo cute!!!
yayita yayita 9 years 9 weeks
love her outfit , so cute.. the dirty face pic is too prescious
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years 9 weeks
And the camo pants too! :P Adorable pics!!
SweetPeasMom SweetPeasMom 9 years 9 weeks
What a cute bathing suit! SweetPea has the same monkeys toy. :) Looks like you all had fun!
amyfinke amyfinke 9 years 9 weeks
precious!! :D