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Keanu - Future Male Model

Seriously, I am not biased because when you have strangers coming up to you telling you how adorably handsome and cute your son is, well, I can't help to start to think that he is pretty special. Not to mention he's super popular at his daycare and all the teachers want him in their classroom. What's even better about his good looks is that he's a sweet gentle boy who loves animals, books and his green silky blanket.

Keanu - Future Male ModelWhat a cutie!Daddy and Keanu at the bottom of a slide"Watcha doing Mom?"On his rocking horse during Christmas 2006Keanu - Future Male ModelKeanu with his daddy at a Christmas parade 2006Keanu Christmas 2006Keanu holding snowflake ornament - "its so sparkly Mom!"Keanu Christmas 2006Keanu Christmas 2006Keanu Christmas 2006Keanu and his daddyKeanu playing with his daddy with his new remote control carKeanu - Future Male ModelKeanu with his Snoopy & Woodstock at 3 months old Christmas 2005Cute as a buttonKeanu with his Snoopy & Woodstock at 3 months old Christmas 2005Keanu - Future Male ModelKeanu Christmas 2006Profile shotLook that smile! Keanu Christmas 2006At a children's museum playing with daddyKeanu Christmas 2006Keanu - Future Male Model
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