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Stretching the Pregnancy Pain Away

The following post was written by Olympic athlete and mom Kerri Walsh, two-time gold medalist in beach volleyball.
I don't know about you, but throughout my pregnancy I've been battling aches and pains galore. In the morning it's back pain then, well . . . then it's my back again. I confess that I have resorted to frequent prenatal massages, but realistically, they are an indulgence and not something for every day. Thank goodness for my brilliant Pilates instructor, Kerry Wachtfogel, who helped me come up with a series of stretches to alleviate soreness throughout my body. During our session last week she agreed to help me put together a slideshow for all of you to show you a few easy at-home pain relievers. Enjoy!

Kerri Walsh Shares Her Pregnancy Pain-Relieving StretchesChest and Shoulders, Step OneChest and Shoulders, Step TwoHips, Step OneHips, Step TwoHips, Step ThreeHips and GlutesUpper Back, Step OneUpper Back, Step TwoBack
birdsflyinghigh birdsflyinghigh 6 years 1 week
WOW, great tips!