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Kicking My Fro-Yo Addiction

I did a little self-evalution and realized that I just can't kick my coffee habit. Plus, since I've dropped the latte routine and only do regular coffee (with my Tully's rewards card), it's really not a terrible vice. What I really have to give up is my frozen yogurt runs — nightly runs after dinner to grab a frozen treat w/ toppings usually runs me about 4 bucks a pop, plus on weekends, I'm hitting up the yogurt stop (sometimes all 3 in my neighborhood) in the course of 48 hours. It's gonna be hard, but I grabbed my last frozen yogurt with lunch today, and now I'm (attempting) to say farewell to my costly addiction for 40 days. . .eh. . . I'll let you know how it goes.

gidgie gidgie 6 years 14 weeks
good luck! you definitely picked a tough one...especially knowing the yogurt spot in your neighborhood ;)
Smart-Living Smart-Living 6 years 14 weeks
Fro-yo is one of my ultimate pleasures too. And it's pricey! Cheers to your effort!
Angelica Angelica 6 years 14 weeks
Ohhh! That's a hard one, but I'll bet you can do it!