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Kim Kardashian Attacked by Flour Bomb

By Stephen M. Silverman

Kim Kardashian was on the receiving end of a so-called flour bomb when an unidentified woman tossed a plastic bag of white powder at the reality star as she walked a red carpet Thursday night, according to sheriff's deputies.

Paramedics were called to West Hollywood's London Hotel, but Kardashian, who got most of the powder on her jacket and hair, refused treatment, reports the Associated Press. It was later determined the substance was cooking flour.

"That probably is the craziest, unexpected, weird thing that ever happened to me," Kardashian told E! News. "Like I said to my makeup artist, I wanted more powder and that's a whole lot of translucent powder right there."

A non-criminal battery report was taken by police, and Kardashian, 31, is not pressing charges, says AP. Afterwards, she reportedly went to a room in the hotel, cleaned herself up and changed outfits.

So far, she has not Tweeted anything about the incident, although sister Khloé Kardashian Odom was inspired to write: "I wish I was with my sister tonight. I bet you that woman wouldn't have dared tried a thing."

Deputy Peter Gomez says that after the alleged assaulter was detained by hotel security, she was released at the scene. Kardashian was at the London to launch her new fragrance, True Reflection.

-Lora- -Lora- 4 years 9 weeks
It was childish ...but I don't care. She deserves to be humiliated in every way.
kty kty 4 years 9 weeks
all in all,i think while a little funny,it was still childish and ridiculous....
-Lora- -Lora- 4 years 9 weeks
Thank you, God! You just made my day :) The one who threw the flour is my new hero. And why the f*ck did they call the paramedics?!!