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Curried Butternut Squash Seeds
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King Ludwig’s Platter

King Ludwig’s Platter from King Ludwig’s in Leavenworth, WA. The platter had Schweinshax’n (rotisseried broiled pork hock), Chicken Munich-style (half a rotisseried chicken), two Schweine Schnitzel (breaded, pan fried pork cutlet), and two sausages. It was served with Bavarian Potato Salad, Winekraut, Rotkraut (Red Cabbage) and Spätzle. Meat overload.

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Rosay77 Rosay77 4 years 50 weeks
This would be great for a large party.
fuzzles fuzzles 5 years 2 weeks
Dibs on the bratwurst! :woohoo:
lauren lauren 5 years 4 weeks
What a spread! The shoot totally looks like it was from some vintage 1960's magazine! ;)