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More Little Big Planet Love :-)

Earlier this month, Geeksugar posted a story about Little Big Planet "live" Avatars, which made me even more anxious for my awaiting order.  And was I eagerly waiting for you might ask.....  Well, I was waiting for him:


Meet my Sackboy...soon to be general travel companion and fellow life liver-er.  I hope you catch my drift.  Because I travel a lot for work, I usually find it difficult to want to take pics of me in certain places without either having to ask someone around to take a pic (and even then it's a bit awkward since it's a pic of just you)  or to perform that strange semi-contortionist move of outstretching one's arm out long enough to not be too close-up and angled in the way that angle of the camera doesn't capture you in a "fat face" pose.


I considered doll-like items that could potentially have a slight resemblance, but that always somehow lead me to something along the likes of Dora the Explorer.  So I settled for Sackboy...because I enjoy playing the game on both the PS3 and PSP.  I only wish they had a Sackgirl toy available, but unfortunatly not with this particular model.


But feel free to stop by my Photo Galleries to visit my "Adventure's of Sackboy" gallery where I celebrate Life...with Sackboy :-)

lauren lauren 6 years 4 weeks
WOW, he has had such adventure! I have started following your blog and can't wait to see more(he is so cute)!
iamfooftastic iamfooftastic 6 years 4 weeks
I want to watch that movie. I posted the "Adventures of Sackboy" gallery on my personal blog, here's the link: Maybe I should move them to the group?
lauren lauren 6 years 4 weeks
Oh he is adorable! Can't wait see some of his adventures! He reminds of characters in the movie 9.