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LD-fit LD-fit 6 years 17 weeks
i looove the lose it! app ! i use it nearly every day! my only issue is guessing on some items (homemade beef stew w/ lean beef and veggies ..??) and also the fact that entering a workout means it tells you you can consume those calories( well, technically you COULD ) but i am not going to consume 4 or 500 calories more just because i did weights and half hr of cardio! it's great though tot keep track and see in front of you what you are eating
eyoste eyoste 6 years 18 weeks
This is great! I'm definitely going to try this out. Thanks!
fire_and_a_rose fire_and_a_rose 6 years 18 weeks
For the many of us who don't have an iPhone (something I admit I feel like PopSugar doesn't take into consideration often enough, but that's just me) I would point out Smart Diary, at It has four editions, which you can see on this page: Only the last two, Home and Medical, include the nutrition feature. HOWEVER, you get a free 30 day trial with complete access to all features of the version you download, and, if you decide to buy it after that? You can get any version half off the normal price by simply writing a review of the program and how it's helped you BEFORE buying it, ad sending it in to the company, as explained on the special offers page ( You can the Home edition for free, as also explained on the special offers page, using Trial Pay. I have the medical edition, which I got half off using the review feature, and I adore it. The nutrition feature is very helpful, and they plan to include upgrades to make it even more useful in the future. But even if you don't buy it, a 30 day trial of it is worth looking into, I think.
belle28 belle28 6 years 18 weeks
do they have something similar for blackberry?