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Recap of Lost Episode "What They Died For"
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Lost Easter Eggs

1) When Kate was walking into the court, they showed a close up of a guy screaming something inaudible...well, as it turns out, it was played in reverse (what is UP with all the backwards-talking on this show???).

The guy screamed, "Kate we hate you!"

Here's the link to the audio.

2) Sawyer was reading a book called "The Invention of Morel"...apparently about a man on an island who creates a machine that reproduces reality.


3) The book Locke brings to Ben to read is called "Valis" by Phillip K. Dick. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the book:

Horselover Fat
The main character in VALIS is Horselover Fat, an author surrogate. "Horselover" is English for the Greek word philippos, meaning "lover of horses" (from philo "brotherly or comradely love" and hippos "horse"); "Fat" is English for the German word "dick".

"Even though the book is written in the first-person-autobiographical, for most of the book Dick treats himself and Fat as two separate characters; he describes conversations and arguments with Fat, and harshly if sympathetically criticizes his opinions and writings. The major subject of these dialogues is spirituality, as Dick/Fat is/are ostensibly obsessed with several religions and philosophies, including Christianity, Taoism, Gnosticism and even Jungian psychoanalysis, in the search for a cure for what he believes is simultaneously a personal and a cosmic wound. Near the end of the book the messianic figure, incarnated by the child Sophia (a name associated with Wisdom in many Gnostic texts), cures him (temporarily), and the narrator describes his surprise that Horselover Fat has suddenly disappeared from his side."


That's all I have for now...if I find more, I'll post them throughout the day....

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RCLdesigngirl RCLdesigngirl 8 years 12 weeks
SPM...I didn't even catch that until you pointed it out... :rotfl:
SweetPeasMom SweetPeasMom 8 years 12 weeks
Does anyone else find it hilarious that they had to translate "Horselover" to Greek to tell us that it means "Lover of Horses"? :rotfl:
chancleta chancleta 8 years 13 weeks
oooo cool love it thanks for your hard work