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Love It or Hate It: 55DSL Cardigan

If you love it, get it on

biarose biarose 6 years 37 weeks
nope don't like this
Nellllll Nellllll 6 years 38 weeks
No!!! Thanks but no thanks! ;)
rayray17 rayray17 6 years 38 weeks
I love cardigans! but the stripes are ugly
RubyMoon RubyMoon 6 years 48 weeks
It doesn't even look expensive of special, like I could imagine knock offs of it in WalMart. It reminds me of a place I used to go shopping when I was young, called Family Bargain Center. They sold clothes amongst other things there, and at that time, I made my own fashion up, I would have worn that whole outfit the girl is wearing in the picture above. I'm too old for that style now. Plus it looks cheap, like I said, I could have done that from the Famly Bargain Center,or Walmart.
Cupcake-Queen Cupcake-Queen 7 years 6 weeks
Not really my style. I might like it in black and white.
Captain-Obvious Captain-Obvious 7 years 11 weeks
That sweater has buttons on it. And it's blue.
0fashionqueen 0fashionqueen 7 years 11 weeks
I would never wear that.
jessie jessie 7 years 11 weeks
like it..i'd wear it
sunnyzee77 sunnyzee77 7 years 11 weeks
Ah! It's making my eyes feel funny!
danela danela 7 years 11 weeks
loved it simple and cool!
Stardustlove Stardustlove 7 years 11 weeks
Hate it!
svleal svleal 7 years 11 weeks
MMhhh Hate it :(!!!!