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Love it or Hate it: Buttons in the Back?

I like this but have the feeling that everyone will ask me if my sweater is backwards...

Ravexbunny Ravexbunny 3 years 9 weeks
MEH. But a backward bolero with a brooch could work :)
biarose biarose 6 years 37 weeks
yeah not a good look
bjg007 bjg007 7 years 26 weeks
it looks weird
curleyjo84 curleyjo84 7 years 34 weeks
this reminds me of the 60's blouses that button on the back.... i like it
tiani tiani 7 years 34 weeks
i saw a sweater i liked at target and then i got very confused because the front looked liek the back...then i realized it buttoned in the back. i was appalled. barf!
meccalicious meccalicious 7 years 36 weeks
Fire_Vixen Fire_Vixen 7 years 36 weeks
I like it...but wouldn't wear it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Choose your friends by their character and your socks by their color, choosing your socks by their character makes no sense and choosing your friends by their color is unthinkable.
QueenMargot QueenMargot 7 years 36 weeks
Mmmm, I'm not sure what to think about it.
mominator mominator 7 years 36 weeks
I do not care for it. I would feel like I had my clothes on backwards and that would just aggravate me.
Beachwalker Beachwalker 7 years 36 weeks
I don't mind the back if the front has enough style to carry it!!!
Uma8 Uma8 7 years 36 weeks
kastarte2 kastarte2 7 years 37 weeks
Yeah, it totally looks backwards.
Cider-Morten Cider-Morten 7 years 37 weeks
Can't decide.
OliviaJin OliviaJin 7 years 37 weeks
I'm ambivalent about it. It doesn't look any better or worse than a sweater with buttons in the front, IMO. But I do love the color. :)
Michaelrcks Michaelrcks 7 years 37 weeks
robinesque robinesque 7 years 37 weeks
I like the back better. (I also like involving the hubby in "assisted dressing.")
LisaKate LisaKate 7 years 37 weeks
not sure if it fastens or not but heres the front:
SassAndBide SassAndBide 7 years 37 weeks
gumshoe gumshoe 7 years 37 weeks
does it actually fasten in the back or does it just "appear" that it fastens? front view pic?