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Love It or Hate It: Diesel Pumps

The Cuddle Round Toe Pump from Diesel -
If you love, get them here:

biarose biarose 6 years 22 weeks
I think these are pretty ugly
xoxoAmilli xoxoAmilli 6 years 39 weeks
I dig them.
indiansummr indiansummr 6 years 42 weeks
i dislike diesel in general
AlexandraEva AlexandraEva 6 years 42 weeks
What's the point of wearing heels that high if it has that dumb block in the middle robbing the look of all sexiness.
Cupcake-Queen Cupcake-Queen 6 years 43 weeks
Don't care much for the odd heel. I would like them better as a true wedge.
girrly girrly 6 years 44 weeks
No thanks, those are too odd.
treesandballoons treesandballoons 6 years 44 weeks
iobuttercat iobuttercat 6 years 44 weeks
it is not so charming heels
dragonlady920 dragonlady920 6 years 44 weeks
Not nuts about the colors.
jessie jessie 6 years 49 weeks
don't like
sunnyzee77 sunnyzee77 6 years 49 weeks
They are okay, but I think they would look better with a different color combination.
QueenLeilani QueenLeilani 6 years 49 weeks
I love it. I like to rock fashion that everyone says no to. Then you put it on and it changes peoples mind. NICE FIND!
musicalgirly musicalgirly 6 years 49 weeks
i don't really love them but there ok
greenbear6 greenbear6 6 years 50 weeks
kinda retro, I love it
Stardustlove Stardustlove 6 years 50 weeks
They are OK.
peaceloveandpaws peaceloveandpaws 6 years 50 weeks
I think they are cute, however, they remind me of a bowling shoe on heels ... so I'm undecided.