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How did he propose?
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Love at first sight...really?

So I have watched over hundreds of wedding shows and talk shows about real love. However, there have been stories that made me go REALLY???!!!

I am a hopless romantic. I love the idea of being head over heels in love.The kinds of love stories I'm referring to are the ones about people looking at photos of othrs they don't know and having that gut feeling, this is the one. I mean we all look at photos of hot celebrities guys and say I wonder how a relationship will happen if we were together. However some people REALLY believe it to be their soul mate. The ironic part is that they meet this person and they REALLY DO marry. Talk about having a serious crush.  Even celebs are like this..

Nick Cannon crushed on Mariah Carey before actually marrying her. Click here to read it.

Katie Holmes dreamed of Tom Cruise before marrying him. Click here to read it.

Even a man on Oprah's couch shared his story about falling for a young woman in a photo...

Click here to read it.  I guess there's hope for us romatics afterall! ;)


Lili-Anne Lili-Anne 6 years 21 weeks
i do believed in true loved, but not at first sight because like lovesickblues says tue loves is deeper you need to know the person and fall in love. I hope i found someone who makes me feel like theres no earth beneath us, that you can look in their eyes and see that he loves you more than anything in the world. Yeah im a hopeless romantic =)
LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 6 years 26 weeks
I used to believe it happened more often than I do now. What's happening? Am I becoming more cynical? I hope NOT!!!
lovesickblues111 lovesickblues111 6 years 30 weeks
I believe there is such thing as love at first sight, but true love is deeper and can be true only if you both know each other very well. Before I knew my boyfriend, I hated him :P (really!)
dikke-kus dikke-kus 6 years 31 weeks
Anything is possible, but as they say love is blind. Better get to know each other too.
almost-famous almost-famous 6 years 31 weeks
me as well... I sometimes think I'm getting in over my head with some of this lovey dovey sh*t. But then I think about it and realize, if someone can experience destined love, so can I.
kty kty 6 years 31 weeks
yes,some people might be attracted to someone based on their pic,but that's not the only thing that make them marry,since they've got to know each other first and see what happened.i do believe in True Love,the first time i saw my bf,i knew he was the One,it felt so right being with him.....