Migraine Sugars
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Lucky me, I have the "rareist" migraine of them all!

Before I discovered my newest BFF I had migraines for over 30 Yrs. off & on; some more painful than others, but I learned how to deal with then. Then when I was 64, yes 64, one day I thought I was having just one of my usual migraines, more painful, around the eye; stabbing into it. Started from my left back neck & ran quickly up to the eye like a speeding commuting train that just hit a brick wall when it got there. I knew I was about to receive one earlier that day. Feeling out of sorts; not my happy self; lights to brought; that dam TV just had to whisper with the TODAY SHOW & it was to loud. But mostly my 3 little dogs were sitting all over with no more room for me. After days of pain, & nothing working I'm back with my Dr. & she sends me to a Neo. Dr. who deals with pain. After a 5 min. talk, he told me what I had, Had a MRI, CT, BLOOD WORK & a few more tests. He was right on the money. So today I take two types of MEDS twice a day, with a + MEDS if I get a flair up. Going to a specialist gave my life back to me. Thank you God.