Saved 1/23/11 to Bringing Lunch to Work Week

Lunch Tips?

Does anyone have any tips as to easy lunches you can bring to work?  I'm not much of a cook, and being in school full time and working 30+ hours means limited lunches.

lauren lauren 5 years 18 weeks
I love to make a quick hummus and then bring a bunch of chopped veggies! You can make it all ahead of time and it is super healthy and really tasty!
Emily-Co Emily-Co 5 years 18 weeks
Sandwiches! Add in a fruit like an apple to make the meal more healthy.
Mandipants Mandipants 5 years 18 weeks
This easiest thing that works for me is to make a big pot of soup on my day off. Then you have something for lunch every day and I think soup gets better every day.