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M.A.C dazzlglass vs Milani lip mixers

photo: nessasarymakeup


Anyone who knows mac know about their dazzling, dazzle glasses. Ever since their release women would break their necks for the shimmery gloss.  Baby Sparks was and is the most sought out one, right next to Love Alert. I have yet to get my paws on this glosses and now I don't have to thanks to Milani!

I believe dazzleglass costs $18 bucks? I may be wrong, but either way its less product than the lipglass. Milani has created Lip Mixers and I am hooked! For only $4.99 I purchased Lip Party what I love most is that I get the exact color pay off as Baby sparks. I don't know if Milani has other colors because I purchased mines from Target and they only had the color Lip Party. Here's a swatch...