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Greek Yogurt with Red Wine-Infused Dates, Toasted Walnuts & Honey
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Macadamia Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie-Cake

macadamia double chocolate chunk

Wow, I think this is the longest amount of time I have been away from my blog. Sydney utilized her spring break to visit the colleges she wants to transfer to, NYU, Goerge Washington University, and Georgetown University. I never knew visiting three colleges in two states could be as excited and exhausting as it was. I had intended on writing an article during our down time; however we really did not have any down time.It had been a very long time since I visited our nation’s capital, the feeling of pride and patriotism was almost overwhelming! We lucked out on the weather, which was  about 22 degrees C/ 70 degrees F. The cherry blossoms were in bloom, but had not quite turned the beautifully cheerful pink. We took full advantage of the unusually warm, dry weather, and walked everywhere, (yes, for those of you who know us Sydney and I did wear high heels)!

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