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Parmesan-Crusted Puffball Mushroom Burgers
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Macarons Galore!

I can't get enough of macarons! Half of the draw is their color. Here are some pictures of macarons I've loved (and eaten) before.

Macarons Galore!LaduréeLaduréePierre HerméPaulettePaulette
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Poptarts018 Poptarts018 3 years 40 weeks
whats a macaron made of? it looks good
sourcherries sourcherries 4 years 10 weeks
Mmm, LaDurée! Any recipes/attempts to make some, Yum?
Angelica Angelica 4 years 11 weeks
Michele2930390 Michele2930390 4 years 11 weeks
Oh my, how I love a good macaron. I'm glad to have Paulette's and Miette Cakes nearby, but they can't seem to top a rose macaron from Pierre Hermé. Lovely slideshow!
lauren lauren 4 years 11 weeks
I must say these photos are fantastic!