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Magazine for women with daughters

I followed a link about raising "Hardy girls" and found this magazine

My eldest is going to be 9 in January and of course, it's a slow process of detachment where she's been gradually growing up and gradually becoming more interested in tweenish things, and gradually becoming more influenced by her friends - but still, as slow as this process is - it's kind of scary.

we had an incident yesterday that involved a friend of hers calling her about an urgent problem she needed help with, with suddenly resulted in my daughter wanting to know how to spell Anonymous, and also holing herself up in the master bedroom where one of our computers is.

I heard enough of the conversation to know that it involved her friend and a boy and a crush (allegedly the boy had a crush on her friend and her friend was freaked out).

I deduced that my daughter was writing some kind of letter to him, and signing it 'Anonymous', but I didn't want to challenge her on that - because frankly, the more pushy I am, the more I'll push her away.

But at the same time, i felt a little helpless. Change happens. Inevitable. Like Stevie Nicks said when I was in highschool - time makes you bolder , even children get older, now i'm getting older too - this statement still resonates. I *have* gotten older, and my daughter's birth year is no longer easy to find in the pulldown menu - I have to hit the down arrow a bunch of times to get there. A testament to how many years have passed since the moment I gave birth to her at home, in front of stunned EMTs who didn't believe me when I said it was too late to get on the stretcher.

It's never easy, nor should it be - part of what makes it so intensely joyous is the fierceness of the experience - and yet, it's helpful to have guiding voices. This magazine (daughters) seems rational to me,, and so I've subscribed. Thought i'd post the link if anyone else is interested.

This is the link

This is a link to the Hardy Girls site

And a link to new moon mag for girls

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