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Hi fellow makeup lovers! Sorry I haven't posted in a excuses! But thanks to all of you who have been posting your awesome blogs on great products- you have been keeping 'Make me up' alive! Thank you!

I have bought and spied out some good products recently and thought I would share with you all.

First up on my list is MAC Lip Gelee. I have bought this in both 'Sapalicious' and 'Lilacrush' and I love them BOTH. Not only do they give great color and shine (without the sticky mess...) they are also super moisturizing and I find myself not needing to rely on my chapstick as much. I love this stuff. I HIGHLY recommend it. Plus, it comes in a ton of great colors.

You can spy it here:


I have also been looking for a great neutral color for day use (not to dark) that can be work alone without too much layering. Urban Decay has a great color in their eye shadows called 'Stray Dog' and is described as a 'medium taupe brown shimmer'. All you need is a little 'Eyeshadow Primer Potion' on your lid first, and this stuff is good to go all day. Love it. Also, on a separate note, I am not sure if any of your have splurged on this Primer Potion at all, but this stuff is amazing. It makes your eyeshadow stay put all day with NO creasing. Caveat: This stuff runs out QUICK though...or so it seems. Bella posted a tip a while back that if you cut the tube in half, you will find a ton of product still in there. I just tried this trick this week and you would not believe all the extra product I got out of there. Insane. It was seriously enough to fill up an old eye cream pot.

They also have a new product out called 'Loose Pigments' which come in great high concentrated colors and are great for the eyes. I tried out the 'Shag' color and its a great shimmery bright peach bronze color. Small Caveat: leaves behind some sparkle after you clean it off. But its worth it!

You can spy it all here:


Lastly, I am a BIG fan of Laura Mercier. I love her products, they are all natural looking colors for any type of day look. New to Sephora is the Violet Eye Color Quad (shown in Wild Violet above). I cannot wait to get my hands on this. This palette has great versatile colors (Wild Violet- Shades of purples, Shy Violet- Shades of more eggplant/mauve colors). The Wild Violet palette makes me want to play with the purples! It looks awesome.

You can spy it here:


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almost-famous almost-famous 8 years 15 weeks
You also have to add SLIME SHINE to your radar, (other girls here as well!) because its a great product. The best color out of the three I bought is Missy. The others colors are prudeaux, which is a purple-ish color and Rock pop, its more of a fuschia hue. I never used to be a fan of mac until I bought it from macy*s yesterday! I used to feed into those models/celebs. anytime they mentioned M.A.C, I'd cringe because it looked horrible on them. Now I know to get the color that's best for ME and to stop idolizing other women...(LOL!) :D Yeah so ladies invest in the SLIME SHINE from M.A.C!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years 15 weeks
Great picks!