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Indoor Bike Trainer Workout
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MamaCycle, the new indoor cycling program for pregnant and post-natal moms!

Hey Cyclers.   I'm Alli Joseph, and I'm the founder of MamaCycle, a new, safe, fun and energetic indoor cycling program designed specifically for pregnant and post natal women who want to stay fit during their pregnancies and then, get their pre-baby-bodies back! I am a mom, producer/entreprenur and Spinning fanatic, and decided to create an option for women who wanted to continue riding during pregancy - and weren't in a high-risk category.

If you're into riding outdoors and in, and are looking for a way to keep doing that when you're getting ready for baby, check out @mamacycle on Twitter or on Facebook, www.facebook.com/pages/MamaCycle/228593750490840. Just launched FB page recently but it will be renamed www.facebook.com/mamacycle in a week or so. Website coming soon as well (will be www.mamacycle.com). Questions? Interest in seeing a class come to your city? Email me at info@mamacycle.com or send us a tweet.  Please feel free to forward this to any other cycling moms you think it would be of interest to. Many thanks for your support!  Alli Joseph

MamaCycle founder Alli Joseph on the bike @ 6 mos pregnant