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Maple & Pecan Ice Cream

Maple & Pecan Ice Cream by ZestyBaking


Originally buttermilk was the leftover liquid from churning butter. It has a tangy flavour with very little fat content. In this recipe I'll show you how easy it is to make a fresh buttermilk substitute using soya milk and a little apple cider vinegar. With my mind made up about making an egg-less buttermilk ice cream, I looked around in my cupboard to see what else I could add for flavour. 


Whilst on holiday in the Canadian Rockies, I came across some authentic maple syrup which I just had to buy. Did you know that there are different grades of Maple syrups? Typically Grade A (Extra Light, Light and Medium) maple syrup is intended for everyday use and is the kind most commonly found in supermarkets. However, you can also get Grade B (Dark) maple syrup which has a stronger depth of flavour more suited for use in cooking. It's also a natural sweetener or there was no need to add additional sugar to this recipe. More information on how maple syrup is made can be found on Pure Canada Maple


When I think of maple syrup I think of maple trees, Autumn and pecan pies. So you can see why I naturally thought maple syrup and pecan nuts were a match made in heaven. Toasting the pecans enhanced their flavour and complimented the slightly nutty taste of the maple syrup. 


Surprisingly enough the ice cream ended up tasting like yummy caramel?!


Check out the recipe here.