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Round Apple Challah For a Sweet New Year
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Mask Almond Sugar Cookies, A Fun Activity for Little Ones

sugar cookies

I have a friend/client who every year hosts a Mardi Gras Party; this year she wanted a change to refresh the party, and asked Sydney and I if we could put a few ideas together. The Phantom of the Opera was both mine and Sydney’s first thought, and we began discussing an array of ideas. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of  the Opera has magical mystic to his operatic play; that leaves a lasting impression to the audience. We started envisioning a party in which the guests would have a similar experience.
Sydney and I began designing invitations that were shaped like masks and Sydney thought mask sugar cookies would be brilliant “name places.”
Consider this your "Masquerade" Mardi Gras Event invitation to Bobbie's Baking Blog