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Which dress colour?
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Meaningful Beauty Game - Part II


What do you think has

happened to our lost

girl since she took her

walk down the quiet

dusty road in the

middle of nowhere!

What is her story now?

Meaningful Beauty Game - Part IIMeaningful Beauty Game - Part II
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Which dress colour? Anyone getting problems with YouTube?? Sweet Message To You All Picture Game - Part II Picture Game - Part I Layout Makeup Tip Needed!
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 23 weeks
i was joking yes - she reached the city and was rescued by a real prince who will come in the picture - and it is not a frog this time ;) i want a happy ending... :HEART: need one :PLEASE:
saynogirl saynogirl 6 years 23 weeks
yeah she made it to the city and she looks tired.... Looking for somewhere to sleep and something to eat.... But alas no money... What to do?
Sam1985 Sam1985 6 years 23 weeks
It looke like she made it to the city! :)
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 23 weeks
my feet are killing me - dancing all night ;)