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Which dress colour?
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Meaningful Beauty Game II - Part V

Part V

What has happened
to our sad risk taking
young lady?

Do you think this is the man
from the apartment from whom
she left?  Or is this a rekindled
old lover she reunited with?

What is YOUR ending? 

Meaningful Beauty Game II - Part VMeaningful Beauty Game II - Part V
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Which dress colour? Anyone getting problems with YouTube?? Sweet Message To You All Picture Game - Part II Picture Game - Part I Layout Makeup Tip Needed!
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 6 weeks
sorry - am late - had a day out yesterday and now should not be in front of the computer either - we hv guests :) however - she needed some time to get over that guy - when in a depression the heart needs double time - yet at least she fell in love double the way as she was before - because he loves HER TOO ;)
Sam1985 Sam1985 6 years 6 weeks
I think she decided to leave the guy from the apartment yeah. She was thumbing a ride in the last pic to get to her old flame and is now happy again. :shrug:
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 6 years 6 weeks
They just got the go ahead to show their very first couture designed collection and are unbelievably excited!!They took a chance to work together bringing them ever closer in love!!
D-Lee D-Lee 6 years 6 weeks
UR gooooood... :notworthy:
saynogirl saynogirl 6 years 6 weeks
Thank you Dee! Did not actually think of anything... What came to my mind I just typed it! :)
D-Lee D-Lee 6 years 6 weeks
Calling Nurse, Ivee, Sam, Ruby? Gatara? .. Here is the last pic to YOUR story! LOL Monique! :heart: maybe we could end it in a funny way. Could be a good idea? :shrug: i think you ALL came up with a great story for these pics and a great tale to tell. Now the ending. Sayno has put wonderful words to her story. I'll wait for more words by others. then i will work on editing it all together and see what we come up with! Thnx everyone! Lovely fun game! :hug: to all
Monique-Marie427757 Monique-Marie427757 6 years 6 weeks
Lucy finally had enough courage to nab that struggling musician on the corner to get over Phil.
saynogirl saynogirl 6 years 6 weeks
Oh that is a beautiful picture! And a happy ending too :) The decision she had to take for her late dad, she started working and taking up his business! Then getting the profit from the business, she expanded and started work in other countries there she found someone who stole her heart! Became his business partner and happily married... managing both house and work! She has now the happy life she always dreamed of!