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Minimalism in the movies

Minimalism is an elegant "character" in two of my favorite movies, A Perfect Murder and Gattaca.
In both movies, it's used in wardrobe and scenery to add texture to the film.
In A Perfect Murder, Gwyneth Paltrow's clothing is spectacular array of luxury basics that any fashionista would love to own. But however gorgeous her wardrobe, it takes 2nd place to the incredible scenery of the Upper East Side of New York and the luxury minimalism of their pent house apartment. The opulence of the apartment is a distraction from the "emptiness of the onscreen marriage. It's too styled, too perfect, too for show.

Now the real star

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I'll do Gattaca in my next post.
Til next time ~ Bruxa

gadgetgal gadgetgal 8 years 46 weeks
A Perfect Murder is one of my favorite movies, plus who can forget the fantastic original Dial M for Murder? The minimalism of the pent house apartment really shines in this movie, and it truly is the real star. Hell, I love this movie and still love the apartment...One day..when I'm rich...and powerful...^_-
the_beautifuL_me the_beautifuL_me 8 years 46 weeks
i don't reaLLy Like minimaLism actuaLLy,,but i Love that pent house apartment picture tough,,
Bruxa Bruxa 8 years 46 weeks
Hvnly~My gut reaction says color and especially bright color can be minimal. Now let me look through my stuff and see if I can back it up from my "collection" lol! I'll post about it tomorrow. Thanks for the challanging question!
hvnly34 hvnly34 8 years 46 weeks
Question Bruxa: Is minimalism about simplicity in structure and neutral colors or can the structure be simple, but the color be bright (but still solid)?